Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My Article

Yeay! Finally my first travel article is posted....
I spend so many times writing this article. But it is worth it.
The first travel article is the Lion City, Singapore...
I went to Singapore with my family. Have a lot of memories, laugh, funny stories, and a bit lost. My family decided to do our own itinerary in Singapore, so we do it backpacking style, from early morning until late at night. Our itinerary is FULL. No time for rest. So I want to share this experience by writing it. 
I got the chance when Mun Yin hired me to write for the website TripTripping.
She really help me a lot for a newbie writer like me.

Check out the link:

Things to do in Singapore
Things to do in Bali
Things to do in Bandung

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Woody Glasspecker

A lovely black bird in the morning....

Nine years ago, I have a little black bird that accompanies me every morning. I called the bird "Woody", because it reminds me of the character Woody the Woodpecker.
I always come early every morning to work. So I'm the first person to come to my office at the fourth floor. One day, there is a little knocking sound on the glass window of my office. I turn around left and right, but nobody was there. So I walk around to find the culprit and finally find the little black bird. I was a little bit surprised. The bird keep pecking at the glass. So I touch the glass using my forefinger and peck back. The bird stopped for a while, but then it pecked back again. I smile at the bird.
I think the bird just want to say "Hi". Or maybe the bird is practicing how to peck.Ha ha. I'm not Dr. Doolittle who can speaks to animal. So I don't know what the bird's mind. But every day since then, the bird is always peck at my office window. 

Sometimes I peck back, sometimes I just watch it pecking the glass. I'm afraid to open the window because then the bird will fly away.
Day by day I'm getting used to hear the bird's pecking voice. It is like it accompanies me every morning before I do my daily job. There is no one notice the bird except me, because the bird will only be pecking at almost the same time and leaving not long after that.

But one day, the bird didn't come. I wait for the bird for a long time. I really miss the bird. Until now I don't know what happen to the bird. I just hope the bird found a better life beside glasspecking at my office window. I hope the bird have a family. 

Yurina Sydney

The French Fries

Yummy French Fries.... 

The first French Fries I'd like to describe is from A&W. It has a soft and tender fries. There isn't any salty feeling in it. The only one interested from A&W fries is the curly fries. It tastes yummy and fulfilling. If you don't like salty foods, then I recommend this fries. Try the curly fries. It tasted much better then the regular fries. But the disadvantage of this fries is the price. The price is higher than any french fries.

The second one is from KFC. It has a really really tender fries. Also not too salty. The fries wins on quantity. But the taste is so standard. But you don't have to chew it so many times to go down your throat. I know all fries has to be eaten while it's still hot. But this fries really taste awful when it's cold. Even if you cooked it again, it still doesn't taste good.
 The fries is solid and really salty. If you don't like salty food then I don't recommend this fries. But overall, because I like solid and salty fries, this french fries is one of my favorite. Although it still didn't taste good when it's cold. McDonalds has a promotion package in my country. So I can have this french fries for only $0.5 dollar. It is crunchy and dried. 

Wendy have a natural sea salt cut french fries. It taste really good. It is a combination between A&W and McDonalds. Not too salty, but also not too dried. The taste is also good. 
This is my favorite french fries. It has a unique flavor that make me want to eat it again and again and again. I can't explain it. But it has the perfect combination of saltiness, dryness, and tenderness.
It also have a low price of $0.5 promotion in my country. 

Actually, there are a lot more french fries I have tasted, but that is the most famous french fries in my country. My description is based on my own experience, so everybody could have a different opinion. It depends on your own preference.
So my rank for french fries....
1. Burger King
2. McDonalds
3. Wendys
4. A&W
5. KFC

Yurina Sydney

Monday, 14 January 2013

Funny Stories involving a bookstore

I have two funny stories involving a bookstore.
The first one is on the way to the bookstore, and the other is inside the bookstore. I am a book addict. Every time I went to the shopping mall, the first thing I searched is the "bookstore". Don't care if the bookstore is on the east side of the shopping mall, and the car parked on the west side. I just have to get there. Once, I found myself in a shopping mall that I've never visited before. I saw the banner in front of the mall that there is indeed one giant bookstore in the mall. But then, I got lost. The mall is really big. And then I searched for a map. I know that the bookstore is on the highest level. So I went there, saw the map of that level. I confess that I don't have great skill on reading maps. All I see is a sign that "You are here", but then there is block number and description of every store. I search through the block number, find the bookstore block number, and then match it from where I am standing. My mind went boom. I have to go left, right, straight, etc. How hard can it be to find one bookstore on one level? Well, after almost fifteen minutes of tiring and frustrating attempt, I give up. I ask the security officer at that level. "Sir, can you pleaseee tell me where the bookstore is?" 
And then the most embarrassing thing happens to me. The security officer pointed about 20 meters to the left where the bookstore stand. Gosh, I really didn't realize that. I search that book store for a long time, and when the bookstore is in front of my eyes, I don't even realize it. 

The second story happens in the bookstore. On one occasion, I took my brother to the bookstore. Actually the one of the reason I took him is so I can buy as many books as I can and have him carry my books. Ha. OK. Here is a fact. Carrying five to ten books up and down the mall is exhausting. Give it about 0.5 kg per book. It is not exactly the same as shopping for clothes. Clothes are more lighter. You can carry it for hours without having a cramp on your hand. 
OK. I will continue my story. So there I was in the bookstore. The fiction section. I feel my brother behind me. I am so hooked on the books that I forgot about my brother for a while. Then about ten or fifteen minutes later, I am done. I instantly grab the hand behind me and said, "Let's go to another section". The hand I grabbed didn't move a muscle.

I turn around and shocked. The hand I grabbed is not my brother but someone else. I am so embarrassed that time. I said "sorry" with my little voice and continue on. My brother saw what I've done and he had a wide grin on his lips. 

Well that is the most two embarrassing thing involving a bookstore.

Yurina Sydney


Actions.. Comedy .. Thriller ... Science Fictions ... Drama ... 

I have to confess. I am a movie addict. From a mind blowing action thriller to a sweet drama comedy, I watch them all. Well, except horror genre. I don't think paying $5 for two hours of terror is my style. Instead, I prefer watching comedy,  having a good laugh at the end of the movie. 
Every summer I waited in line in the cinema. Every other season, I watched television series on my computer. 

I am a startrek and a star wars fan. I watch starwars the original (episode 4,5,6) like a hundred of times. I don't really like episode 1,2,or 3. The lightsaber's fight, Yoda the wise, a whole twisted thing like "I am your father", love story between Han and Leia. It never bored me to watch it again and again and again. 

My favorite romantic comedy for all times is The Wedding Singer. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore really have a nice chemistry. And the song at the end of the movie, on the airplane, is really sweet and captivating.

In this page I will try to review some of the movies I have watched and give my own opinion.

A Pair of Wings To Fly

I'm not really a big fan on jewelry. But I do love to wear it sometimes. Anyone can wear it, whether you are an artist struggling for success, a painter who paints on the crowded streets or an ordinary woman who works from nine to five in the office.

I have a pair of butterfly earrings. They can make you feel beautiful, confidence, and smart. You will feel like there is a flutter wing of butterfly accompanies you everywhere you go. Just like a friend you need.


Music is a universal language. 

Life without music is life without love and passion. My favorite type of music is Classical. I first classical piece is by Chopin called “Tristesse”. I was hooked. I think he is a romantic composer. His music is lovely, flawless and elegance. The second time, I fall in love with Bach “Suite from Anna Magdalena”. The third one is Pachebel “Canon In D”.  I don’t how to describe the song. It is fulfilled. It agitates my soul. I have made it my ring tones for almost 5 years. I want that song when I walk down the aisle. A beautiful song can grasp your heart and will never be forgotten.
I will review some of the songs I have listen in this page.